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Monroe also specializes in Employee Stock Ownership Plans and investing in women- and minority-owned businesses.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Monroe’s ESOP lending provides solutions for middle-market companies looking to finance either an initial ESOP installation for ownership transition or existing ESOPs that need capital for operating, acquisition or repurchase obligations. We understand the complexities of ESOP transactions and the flexibility often needed for an ESOP structure that achieves the seller’s goals while positioning the company for optimal growth.

Our financing structures commonly comprise the following:

  • Flexible maturities, typically three to five years
  • Flexible interest-only periods and amortization schedules
  • Current cash-interest requirements
Investing in Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses and Businesses in Underserved Communities

Monroe pursues investments in women- and minority-owned businesses as well as businesses in underserved communities. We define an ‘underserved business’ as having any of the following characteristics:

  • Conducts or may be reasonably expected to conduct a substantial part of operations in low- or moderate-income areas
  • Provides or may be reasonably expected to provide jobs for those of low or moderate income
  • Owned or managed by women or ethnic minorities
  • Located in inner-city or rural areas
  • Provides or may be expected to provide goods or services to consumer groups that, in the view of the general partner, are traditionally overlooked, such as women and ethnic minorities

Monroe Capital has provided approximately $1.2 billion in direct financing support to over 25 women and minority-owned businesses.