Independent Sponsor

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The independent sponsor finance vertical focuses on providing comprehensive “one-stop” solutions for independent sponsors seeking both debt and equity financing for acquisitions and recapitalizations. Monroe offers independent sponsors an efficient path for raising capital and a high degree of certainty in completing transactions. Monroe represents an excellent strategic partner capable of funding future growth while utilizing the most flexible, cost-effective capital structures. The team seeks to partner with independent sponsors with a proven track record of creating realized equity value. For over 19 years, Monroe Capital has supported independent sponsors and executives in a variety of industries.

Investment Criteria
  • EBITDA between $3-35 million
  • Historical & projected growth
  • Solid industry fundamentals
  • Diversified customer base
Transaction Criteria
  • ≥ $20 million in enterprise value
  • ≥ $2 million in Monroe equity per transaction
  • Monroe to provide senior debt


Monroe Capital Advantage
  • “One-Stop” Debt & Equity Solutions
    • Efficient and cost-effective path for independent sponsors looking to raise both debt & equity capital
  • Attractive Sponsor Economics
    • Monroe offers independent sponsors with preferable economics (closing fees, annual management fees and promote structures)
  • Attractive Sponsor Governance
    • Flexible governance that preserves the ability for independent sponsors to retain control


Chris Larson

Managing Director – Equity Group

Matt London

Managing Director – Equity Group