Specialty Finance

The Specialty Finance vertical focuses on generating current cash flow based on senior secured debt investments across a diverse portfolio of asset types that tend to have limited correlation to underlying economic conditions. The team has a broad investment mandate and prides itself not only on its industry expertise but also on its ability to move quickly and efficiently on new sectors and opportunities. The team has the resources to underwrite transactions of over $150 million and has significant experience and flexibility in structuring and execution.

Sector Focus
  • Litigation finance
  • Small business lending and leasing
  • Consumer finance and marketplace lending
  • Commercial real estate finance
  • Royalty streams
  • Structured settlements
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Financial technology companies
  • Specialty finance companies
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • Lending platforms
  • Asset managers and funds
  • Selective de novo joint ventures
Investment Criteria
  • Ability to underwrite facilities over $150 million
  • In-house credit and analytics
  • Proprietary sourcing channel
  • Current or near-term cash-flow characteristics in liquid or illiquid assets
  • US focus with foreign capabilities
Transaction Types
  • Typically agent but can partner with other lenders
  • Directly originated asset pool loans: revolving, senior, and junior structures
  • Selective operating company loans and equity investments
  • Warehouse and securitization structures
  • Opportunistic portfolio purchases

For more information on our specialty finance vertical and investments, view our brochure here.

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